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  • Thanks for the message and the sponsorship here. I'm so excited I could burst. I'd love to do a slideshow when I return and look forward to helping you guys out on the trails next year.
    Yes our trip down was mostly uneventful too!
    Algonquin was a new trail for us we really enjoyed the Black Mt ledges/views!
    It was cool to meet you
    maybe we'll meet you again on a trail sometime
    Keep wearing that shirt!
    I am going to wear mine more too!
    Hi peakn was it you that we met on Sandwich Dome on Friday?
    If so it was very nice to meet you
    Hope you had a nice hike down!
    It's good that you were able to report it locally. Actually, WVAIA, a local hiking club, is responsible for trail maintenance on most of the local trails here (under agreement with USFS). I'm told someone will take a look at it Tuesday afternoon. If the stringers need replacement it will take longer to fix it properly.
    It can't hurt to have someone else report it I guess. I ran into some Waterville Valley guys (cops? fireman? couldn't tell) in golf cart and they said they'd report it to the forest service.
    Hey Harry

    looking forward to the weekend..My assumption is that we will start the day indoors then have the opportuinty to get geared up?..Should we plan on bringing full packs etc into the meeting room..I have my own lunches..sorry to be slow..been out of town a bit...mark
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