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  • Thanks Bryan - very good to hear. That's such a great link in loop hikes I was hoping the fireworks would settle down after a bit.

    See you on the trails.
    Hi Bryan,

    Any issues with the Mount Cabot Trail land owner? I've wanted to get back to this trail since I haven't hiked it since before the problems began.


    Thanks for the green. Interesting hike you did of the entire Carter Moriah Wildcat range. The condition on Wildcat is always a disappointment. USFS and AMC seem to have a problem with dealing with adopters who aren't doing the work. On the positive side, new adopter numbers are up.
    Glad you found Pine Bend Brook trail in good shape. I joined in with the Forest Service trail crew several weeks ago to clear / clean that up. We left some step-over blowdowns in the wilderness area. Glad you cleared some of those out.
    for sure it was great to hike with you this winter...had a couple of good ones and hope to see you soon..tks
    thanks, bryan!
    sounds like you had an awesome score of washington and monroe! we had great views of them from the tri's...nice up high in the morning.
    we missed you this weekend....you will be assimilated. :)
    well, i was just gonna say...isn't that the one you got hurt on? KUDOS, Bryan and welcome back!
    Thanks Bryan I Am glad you enjoyed the pics. I have really lucked out this winter with clear days!
    it was a good day and i enjoyed both the morning solitude and the afternoon chat..thanks for the greenie and see you on the trails
    Thank you for the green square! I think I prefer that approach to the normal one, assuming it's not as wet as it was Saturday!
    Thanks, Bryan. Its a great trek. The reason I didn't do it as a full traverse, was because I was planning it as a solo and wanted my car at York so I would have bail options during the day.
    Initially, I had considered approaching via the Bulge, but that would have left the Weeks out and back for the end of the day--I switched things around when I heard from Dave, because he needed the Weeks but not the others.
    I would definatley say its wiser to get Cabot and Terrace out of the way first, because those are long climbs at the end of the day.
    Beautiful range..just love the Kilkenny's!
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