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  • Apologies for the delayed response. Just now logged in and read your message.
    Glad you liked the Whitewall report. Now that I've approached Whitewall from several different directions, I personally feel that the best approach is to launch a bushwhack from the Ethan Pond Trail (a few hundred yards or so west of the Thoreau Falls Trail), and then proceed nearly due north for about 0.6 miles. From there, head westward up the east face of the mountain. Once on top, then you'll probably need to head southward for just a short distance to the massive ledges on the southern tip of the mountain.

    If you hit things just right, you might find sort of a faint herd path for a large chunk of the trek. Sometimes I've hit it, and other times not! But it really doesn't matter since it's great open woods whacking.

    Thanks, sorry the avatar didn't stay up much longer. I had to move on from that topic. :)
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