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  • "Wiggy's products are the best. But you better hope you never have to talk with the proprietor personally . . ."
    I've spoken to Jerry a few times over the years. Several years ago when I ordered the bivy in question, he called me and asked if I could wait a couple weeks as he had a military order to deal with. He was alway's cool with me but I guess he can get touchy when you compare his gear to other brands.
    They don't go, so far. I've had crap for local snow and no time for getting into the mountains. And neither situation seems likely to improve until next week. But hey, thanks for rubbing salt in the wound. ;-)
    Thanks for the greenie. Enjoy the 412's. Be sure to pick up some Riva 2 cables as Rotafella was in bed with BD at the time and the cables/parts are interchangeable. Also the tightneing nuts that hold the spring and cable together are worthy of keeping an eye on as they do come loose sometimes. Although a bit of Locktight will cure that.
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