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  • I guess I feel that the actual damage has been minimal as compared to the money received, and there is a potential for future landowner abuse if they learn they can sell an easement and then spray a little herbicide to get access removed while keeping the money. There are paid state employees called forest rangers whose job is to issue citations for illegal campfires, and sending one to patrol this area occasionally would seem to be a good first step. And don't you feel that the landowner making reckless accusations against Trail Bandit is a bad thing?
    What you fail to understand about the Ossipees is that the hikers and the abusers are 2 different groups, who could be easily distinguished if anyone cared to. TrailBandit could get a lot more money by suing the landowners for slander than the value of any damage that he's personally caused.
    yeah, i've shared drinks with skiers before. ;)

    let's keep in touch of our whereabouts this winter.
    Thanks for the support! Its a very difficult subject entangled with alot of emotion from both sides.
    Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. I think I did it correctly because you came up on my "friend"when I got home.
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