Did the Hancocks 1/21/17. Because of the warmer temps, the snow was softer. Lots of sticking to your microspikes. We took ours off and barebooted until we hit the slides. We opted to go up the north slide first thinking it was going to be tricky getting down because of such soft, slippery snow. I think it was a good decision.

The trip over the ridge was fine. If you stayed on the monorail, it was firm. I did see a couple of guys use their snowshoes across the ridge. We did not posthole.

When we headed down the south slide, it was swift! 8 min to get back to the junction and we were trying to go slow. My arms are killing me from try to become one with the earth to slow myself down. We all made it safely down but my heart was pounding from the trip.

The rest of the way out was uneventful and a nice walk in the beautiful woods.

P.S. We did get very wet from the snow melting from above us...felt like it was raining.