Now that Northern Pass seems to be on indefinite hold, should the hiking public care about the proposed transmission line in Western Maine?.

I have not seen any detailed maps of the route, but it looks like it stays north and east of the so called "six pack" of 100 highest summits. It also stays north of the Kibby Wind farm. It appears to go east towards the Kennebec crossing at the "The Forks" and then south via existing widened right of ways. It does cross the AT apparently at an existing widened right of way and also crosses the Dead River whitewater rafting run. It does look like it does cross some mountains that most likely are on some list. Reportedly its abut 40 miles of new right of way.

There have been recent editorials against it in the Maine papers but they tend to be from the usual groups that participate as intervenors in major projects to extract mitigation from the developer for impact. CMP owned by Avangrid, claims to have already purchased a right of way for the proposed line so the "checkergame" played by Northern Pass in northern NH should not occur. Maine does not have an SEC process and the state of Maine DEP is somewhat stacked with the governors supporters so I expect there will be less pushback. CMP did a billion dollar power line upgrade a few years back that seemed to generate little publicity so I expect approval will be easier.