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Thread: Backpacking Meal Ideas

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    The first Yukon 1000 mile canoe race rules required a ridiculous 20Kg (44 pounds!!) of food per person to be carried on board from the start of the race. Supposedly enough to last for 3 weeks. All had to go into bear resistant containers. The weight of water to make dehydrated or freeze dried food edible could not be counted. My voyageur canoe had a crew of 7 paddlers (do the math). I home dehydrated all main breakfast and dinner meals for the entire amount, minus individual lunches and snacks to be purchased in Whitehorse. I dehydrated over a period of several weeks and stored it in the freezer until ready to be transported in a van traveling from the east coast to Whitehorse (a week long trip) arriving several days before race start. We finished the race in just 6 days with 3/4 of the food left over. No one on my crew went hungry or lost weight during the race. The remainder was transported over road back home, where I put it back in the freezer. I gave some away and used the remainder during the following year. All remained fresh tasting and very edible. Thankfully the Y1K race officials realized how crazy the requirement was and dropped the food weight requirement for races in following years.
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