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  • Thanks Rickie :D! I do my best. Chris - Little Rickies an even better guy!

    One other resource for you, too, is the ADKforum. Not as many peakbaggers, but still TONS of collective experience: www.adkforum.com
    Have you check out the "ADK High Peaks Forum"? It's pretty much dedicated to hiking the ADK46. Lots of people on this forum are members there as. I'm Little Rickie there as well. Good luck! I'm a 19er, 27 to go.
    If you ever want company on a 46r hike, and don't mind hiking with an overly-enthusiastic kid tagging along, let me know! If I have the time, I'd like to complete my non-winter 46 this summer. 10 down, 36 to go.
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