AMC installing Starlink to the Huts

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
While looking through the SOPA list for info on the Glen Ellis Gravel Pit project (with no luck) I noticed that AMC is adding Starlink Antennas to the huts. Probably more efficient to process guest services online than over the radio. I wonder if they will set up Wi-Fi for the guests?. No doubt internet access would be a big money maker for the guests, although I suspect each hut has figured out the closest locations for picking up a cell tower. Its probably a problem at the low elevations huts due to the terrain.

The huts that are listed are Carter, Lakes, Mizpah, Zealand, Galehead, and Greenleaf. My guess is Madison will get the upgrade but because its on land owned by the AMC they dont have to be covered by a SOPA. Lonesome Lake is on State of NH land so no need for a SOPA.
Thanks. Its probably in there but it would be interesting to see why the project was shut down as it has been for few months. Could be shut down due to some species like a bat.
I wondered if the AMC would get Startlink for the hut system. I've been using Starlink in my offgrid trailer for the last two years. Only place it didn't work was when I camphosted in Oregon, too many trees. Crappy cell service at that campground, too. We would take Starlink and an external power source and drive over the mountains into a clear area to download movies or TV shows we wanted to watch and check email. We don't usually camp in forests because of our solar powered system, so its worked flawlessly everywhere else.
Any idea if you can run the Starlink directly on solar panels and if so how many watts?
A lot of people run Starlink off solar. Consumption appears to be around 70w and folks are running direct off of 12v rather than using an inverter.
Thanks, not much load, just another panel or two and battery sized to carry a few days charge and the hut guests can pay $250 a night to have the wilderness experience when they occasionally look up from their screen ;)