Bean's Waterproof Snow Sneakers

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Sep 4, 2003
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Cambridge, MA
Does anyone have any experience with Bean's Waterproof Snow Sneakers or similar products (such as the New Balance MO1000)?
I know several people who swear by Cabela's Avalanche boot for winter hiking. It looks similar to the Bean's boot, and waterproof as well.

Cabela's boot uses 400grams of Thinsulate. I don't know if that's comparable to Beans 200grams of Primaloft.

the only Prima thing about LLBean is their warranty.

Unfortunately the quality of the stuff they sell has withered away over the years.
Living in NH they are my daily wear sneakers in winter ... for road walking, not for hiking.
For several years I have been using them for daily wear but never on the trails or on roads when traction was required.

In the past few days I have used them with MicroSpikes on icy roads (Tripoli, Hubbard Brook and Livermore Roads) with no problems.

Today I decided to try them on a trail, wearing them to hike Mt. Pemi from the Flume parking area. I put my spikes (brand new Hillsounds) on in the car, and soon was walking up blocks of hard water ice. No problem at all, though very light they gave me all the support I needed.

I cannot really comment on the insulation; it was 35°F at the trailhead, and the summit is at only 2,500 feet. Will need to go higher on a colder day before I can conclude anything.