Dolley Copp/Pinkham B Road still closed

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Thanks for the detailed instructions, Not my site but I was looked for something on the lead page. I then tried a couple of variations of road conditions, but not the exact phrase in the search bar and came up with nothing.
As of today 5/7 I can attest that Dolly Copp road is still closed with orange cones at the Barnes field end. There were a couple of cars with out of state plates parked at the end so I expect they were either doing Pine Link or Pine Mountain trail.
To close this one out, I drove Pinkham B/Dolley Copp road this morning 5/28. The road is now open. Holes have been filled with gravel and the protruding rocks in the paved sections have been pulled out and smoothed over. They did not bring in lot of gravel to regrade the road and expect it will deteriorate as the summer goes on. They also did some drainage improvements, but my guess is another heavy rain event could wash them out.

I use it as a short cut around Gorham to head south on RT 16 from RT 2 in Randolph especially on weekends. On a particularly busy weekend like 4th of July I have also used it to avoid Main Street in Gorham when it becomes a near parking lot to go east on RT 2. As long as folks realize that the road is 20 MPH its passable but folks trying to do 50 mph are going to have a rough ride with potential for vehicle damage.