Dorset, 03/01/20

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Dorset Mountain, 03/01/20, Random Group of Hikers, party of 2.
We took the traditional route from Dorset Hollow. The road was plowed to the last driveway and there was room enough for perhaps six cars to park alongside. Snow was patchy at the very bottom but the brook crossing was still frozen. About 1" fresh powder over 4"-5" weak styrofoam snow below, increasing to about 4"-6" powder over 1.5-2 feet of weak styrofoam base near the top. We wore spikes about 1/3 of the way up the jeep road, then switched to snowshoes for traction and to keep from heel-caving through the weak snow beneath. Trail up the jeep road, through the col, and around the north side of the cone was well broken out, but beyond where the jeep road and summit trail diverge, snow was deeper with more drifts, and poorly broken. Summit canister has a busted top. We got off trail in a few places on the ridge where blowdowns obscured the route, but corrected course on the return. On the way down, we also did the loop trail over the firetower peak and lookout. Nice spot with great views for so little extra effort. Trail descending the firetower peak to the main trail was steep and unbroken. --Shoeless Paul