Fire on Mt Abraham in Maine

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Yes fires like this in the Northeast are thankfully rare. Living out west, I saw many large fires, some very close to where I lived. It's amazing the destruction these fires leave in their wake. I have walked burned forest, it's something to see. One such area I walked was like the surface of the moon, just grey dust, very thick. I came upon two deer, eating a small bush, the only bush in site for miles. I have never forgot that image.
Just heard about this today. That was our destination for next weekend's hike. Hopefully it rains enough to put it out. We were thinkimg of spotting a car at Rapid Stream and walking over from Saddleback. I guess we are going to have to be flexible.
There was a similar fire a few years back on the side of Shelburne Moriah up near the alpine zone. It took several days and rain storm to put it out. Apparently once it gets down in the rocks it just about impossible to put out beyond soaking it.
It's early in the summer but already things are pretty dry in much of New England. Wildfires can happen here, especially in areas that have been allowed to grow without adequate provision for firebreaks and prescribed burns. Extra caution in our own planning and camping might be in order this season. In the late '40's fires overtook many areas of Maine, each fire an independent event but sharing the common denominator of dry fuel. Have read a couple books about it many years ago ... it can happen again.

I'm curious as to the strategies of the WMNF with respect to the prevention and containment of wildfires, especially in wilderness areas.