Garnet Hill Lodge and xc ski center being sold at auction

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Sep 3, 2003
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Near the Adirondack Blue Line
Adirondack Garnet Hill Lodge will sell at auction

Garnet Hill Lodge (Source: Garnet Hill Lodge)
(02/16/11) One of the Adirondack Park's most popular resorts is being auctioned next month. The Garnet Hill Lodge, in North River, will be sold next month.

Press release announcing sale
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According to a press release issued Tuesday, the Garnet Hill Lodge has been on the market for some time but failed to find a buyer. The statement says the resort and popular cross-country ski area will sell to the highest bidder at an auction March 15th "regardless of price."
The property was originally listed for $2.5 millions. The lodge has nearly 270 acres of land, along with lodge buildings and cabins.
The auction will be handled by the high end real-estate company Sotheby’s. In their pitch to buyers, the company is pointing out that the lodge could have “great potential” as a “private family estate.”
Over the last decade, some of the Adirndack Park’s most iconic resort destinations, including the Wawbeek on Upper Saranac Lake and a shoreline lodge on Blue Mountain Lake, have been sold to private homeowners.
That’s a concern to the tourist industry, meaning fewer jobs and fewer options for visitors.
George Graham, head of the firm Concierge Auctions, which is helping with the Garnet Hill sale, issued a statement describing the lodge property as unique, but adding "it’s difficult to gauge its market value."
“The sellers understand this dynamic,” Graham said, “and in order to achieve their goals they are willing to allow the prospective buyers to name the price."
That stinks. My wife and I spent her birthday there several winters, and my kids both learned to XC ski there, finding garnets along the way in the big rocks up by the old quarry. It was a big part of my extended family's winter memories growing up. I really hope it stays preserved as an XC ski center (though it sure doesn't sound like it) even though we don't live in the area anymore.