Heads up, lots of major roads closed in the Northern NH


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
Anyone trying to get in a hike or trying to get anywhere in Northern NH had best check if the roads are open, NewEngland511, has lots of closures. including US RT2 and US 16. Its going to be awhile before the extent of the damage is known. I did take a run over to Randolph yesterday and the normal drainages running down the slopes from Madison and Adams were roaring and there were many new drainages running through the woods.
A public post on Facepage that's being updated as things change. I tried to link to it directly but VFTT didn't like that for some reason.

I thinks it is safe to assume that any trail that runs along or crosses a stream may have undermined banks and debris. FS roads are gated for the winter but anyone using them may end up having to find safe yet creative ways to cross unplanned stream crossings. There were also high winds in some areas so blowdowns, leaners and hanging branches are to be expected. If you are heading out on the trails, please post trail conditions reports so that the others are aware of the issues out in the trail network.

My guess is there may be few new or expanded slides out there. I noticed the slide on the NE face of Moriah seems to have gotten large but that was from a distance while driving.

News reports are that Crawford Notch is gated at the notch just south of Higland Center and will be closed for days while the road is rebuilt at one possibly more washouts.
I would say the probability that new slides have occurred is pretty good. Crawfords, Franconia and various aspects in the backcountry were ripe to slide.
I follow a photographer in Eustis, ME on Facebook and apparently that town is cut off. Had a few pictures of Rte 27 and other roads. Totally impassable.
Western Maine got hit hard, the Androscoggin and Kennebec are still at flood stage downriver.
BTW, RT 26 through Grafton Notch in Maine appears to be still closed from RT 2 to near the Maine line. Not a great time to do Mt Speck or the Baldpates.