Mt. Cabot - Sunday, June 30, 2024

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Rhody Seth

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Dec 18, 2015
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Charlestown, RI
Spent a fine long weekend up in the Whites, working on peaks towards my 4th round of the NH48. My Saturday hike finished fairly early which prompted me to pursue my stretch goal - Mt. Cabot. I was at Crawford Notch so the drive to York Pond wasn't too long but I knew it'd make for an extra long drive back to RI the following day. I had wanted to hike in a bit and set up my tarp with the intention of braving the storm that night. But it was downpouring something fierce when I arrived and seemed like it had no intention of letting up. I hiked down the trail a bit to do some recon and it was very wet with lots of pooling water. My appetite for finding a camping spot vanished and ended up spending an uncomfortable evening in my car. At least it looked like there was a vanlifer next to me in the small lot to keep me company. But then a couple trundled out of the woods at 7 PM and took off in their van. Now it was just me.

I woke up at 4 AM to more rain but it let up after a few minutes which allowed me to get the stove going and make some coffee. I was on the trail by 5 AM and it was certainly a wet one. Not cold though - in the low 70s so I was comfortable in shorts and a tech shirt. Decided to go with boots and gaiters which proved very effective at keeping my feet dry.

Everything was wet, Bunnell Brook (is that its name?) was ripping and it felt like I was in a steam room (just not as sweltering). I actually really enjoyed the hike up as I was working hard and certainly not cold. No views from Bunnell Rock and there were a couple people staying at Cabot Cabin. I hiked up to the summit and then stopped at the cabin to have a snack and chat with the occupants. They had also planned to tent that night but a hike up in the heavy rain changed their tune as well.

I thought Sunday's weather forecast might keep people away but I should have known better. Over my last few miles I encountered several groups heading up. Indeed it was getting sunnier and sunnier and by the time I finished it looked like a lovely day. But I could definitely see some sketchy clouds off in various distances. Bug weren't an issue on this hike until the last 1/4 mile when the deerflies attacked in great numbers. As I made the long drive through the Whites it appeared the morning offered some fantastic weather depending on where you were. But dark clouds pressed closed and closer as I drove south. I didn't hit nasty weather until about 20 minutes from my house when the skies opened up. So I'm glad I got the hike done early, if only so that I could get back home at a reasonable hour.

All in all, a great hike and I'm glad to finally get Cabot done for Round 4. My bad knee held up great this trip and it was only the long drive home that really left my legs tired and stiff.