Nash Stream Rd. / Percy Peaks?

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Mar 28, 2013
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Hartland VT
Can anybody tell me whether Nash Stream Rd is open as far as the Percy Peaks Trails? Also whether the trails are in good enough shape to hike without feeling guilty? Bonus points for info about a nearby campground!
I'm told it was still locked as of today. Expected to open next weekend. Someone posted pics from the peaks a week or two ago, so the trail is ok if you walk in via the road or from the Christine Lake side. There was logging in there so might be messy if coming in from the lake.
Whenever we do stuff up there we stay on Bog Dam Loop Road, which is a bit of a haul but free. There is also a small private campground on 110a, Cedar Pond, as well as some rough pull-offs on Mill Brook Rd that don't violate any of the WMNF camping rules as far as I can tell. A few places in the area also rent cabins.
Milan Hill State Park is also an option.

Jericho State Park is going to spend a few million expanding the campground but I expect every site will be booked the second they open them. There was an entrepreneur making big plans for a campground on the East side of RT 110 past the turn off to Jericho but to date he just rents seasonal spots to park campers.

Mill Brook Road and Bog Dam Loop road are not on the WMNF list of 1/4 mile roads (last page) so car camping is legit. Most folks do not know where either one is so highly likely there are spots all summer. Definitely do not try to car camp in Nash Stream.