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Thread: Garfield/Galehead/N. & S. Twin: Dec 27

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    Garfield/Galehead/N. & S. Twin: Dec 27

    We are Parked at Appalachia waiting for Thom to arrive to tell him we have changed our plans from a N Pressie Traverse to the above mentioned hike (winds were in the 80's on Mt Washington). All of a sudden a women approaches us, and low and behold it's Little Bear! She came to join us for some of our hike. She climbs in our car and we sit there chatting, when all of a sudden another women comes walking up to my truck. I roll my window down and it's Seema (Sli74). She is looking for directions to Lowes Path, and we tell her how to get there and chat for a few.

    We finally arrive at the Gale River Loop Road after debating where to spot cars (we leave my truck at Beaver Brook and Little Bear drives us to GRLR PL). The 3 of us are getting ready for our hike up Garfield when a truck pulls in and parks right next to us, and out pops Carole and her husband. They arrived to climb Garfield, but we beat them to it, and we start breaking trail down the road (which is covered in about 8 inches of snow). Little bear joins us for the 1st 2 miles then decides to wait for Carole and her Husband.

    We FINALLY reach the summit of Garfield. It was tough going! The lower and middle sections of the trail have long washed out sections. Lots of water. There also is about a foot of fresh powder to trail break.

    We reach the summit of S. Twin. The Garfield ridge trail has about a foot of fresh snow that we broke out. We skipped Galehead for now and plan to hit it on our return. We opted to come back down the Gale River Trail due to Cathy G. breaking trail up to the intersection of the Garfield Ridge Trail, and high water crossings on the N. Twin Trail. She is also heading to the Twins and Galehead so now there are 3 of us.

    We are on the summit of N. Twin taking pictures (views were spectacular!). Cathy did a great job with the route finding.

    Back on S. Twin taking more pictures. It is almost dark. Time for headlamps.

    We reach Galehead summit. Now it's time for the long slog out (and believe me, it was long!)

    We are done. Time to head back and get ready for tomorrow...

    10 down, 38 to go....

    Frodo and Stinkyfeet
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    Ah, I thought I saw Carole's car pass me just before she got to Gale River Loop Rd...I was headed to the Kanc from Twin Mt. I thought she might be on her way to Garfield, perhaps I should have turned around and joined you guys, as I still need Garfield myself. Another nice report Frodo...sounds like you are gonna keep the battery manufacturers in business!

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    Max!! You should have turned around. I didn't know you still needed Garfield.

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    I joined Frodo and Stinkyfeet for this hike (or at least the beginning). I managed to stay with them for two miles or so, and then they left me in the dust (or snow)!!!! Waited for Carole and her husband Richard and the three of us hiked to the summit of Garfield. It was a great day and as we were returning and nearing the end of the trail I wondered where Frodo and Stinkyfeet were on their quest. Hoped they would be at North Twin and from the sounds of their report, that's about where they were.

    I don't know how they manage it! They set quite a pace. I could hang in there for a little while but I would probably still be climbing S. Twin at the time they were coming down.

    Good luck! Hope the weather holds for you guys. I'll try to hook up with you again this coming weekend. Hopefully you'll be a little tired and maybe a tad or so slower so I can hang in with you for a bit longer!
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