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Thread: Lower and Upper Wolfjaw (Phelps #1, Bennies Slide, ADK Range #4, Southside Trail #3)

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    Lower and Upper Wolfjaw (Phelps #1, Bennies Slide, ADK Range #4, Southside Trail #3)

    Date of Hike: Sunday, June 3rd

    Trails: (Phelps #1 on map, Bennies Slide, ADK Range #4 on map, Southside Trail #3 on map)

    Trail Conditions: The Phelps Trail is in fine shape but has mud spots, ADK Range Trail is in great shape, Southside Trail is fine except for the spot where the trail abruptly ends and there's a 20 foot cliff into a pool of water on the banks of the Johns Brook, there is a herd path just before this that goes up then drops down to the brook back to the trail. The water crossing on the Southside Trail near the Phelps Trail was almost rock hopable, water levels were low, not to difficult. The Bennies Slide is a very nice and gradual slide, it gets steep at the top so just stay to the left and exit into the woods to jump onto a herd path leading to the W.A. White Trail just a few minutes below the summit.

    Parking: Garden Trailhead is $7 a day

    Comments: Weather was near perfect unitl 1pm and the Bennies Brook Slide was phenomenal, loved the views and was in awe of the destruction from last years hurricane. Report / Pictures

    Name: Chris

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