I lost a 22k gold necklace and pendant (Jan 9th) while hiking the Arethusa and Frankenstein Trail. The necklace design is (2) pyramids, a ball, and chain; repeating. There is also an emerald pendent attached. I am offering to pay the replacement value if found. The necklace was a gift from my mother after she passed away. I do not usually wear jewelry, however I loved wearing this necklace because it reminded me of her.

Incidentally, the hike was amazing. The loop had more than three beautiful waterfalls and views along a ridge of several mountain peaks. I found the trails very clearly marked and snow was nicely packed down. I would recommend hiking Arethusa falls trail and continuing to the Frankenstein Trail. The other direction is steeper. The streams and trails were serene and peaceful. The ridge views were fantastic; especially in the winter were we could see the terrain below and around. It is also a great place to sit and watch the ice climbers (or climb yourself).

Thanks for reading. - Andrew