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Thread: TR Mountain. Adirondacks. July 6th 2015.

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    TR Mountain. Adirondacks. July 6th 2015.

    Everyone seems to walk on by or not even know of this named summit near Indian Falls. I am sure plenty of folks on here have do it, but I wanted to update the conditions to the peak with a recent account. I wanted to do it just to experience something a little less traveled. I did this with my friend as part of a larger circuit traverse of Porter, then bushwhack from there through Railroad Notch to Big Slide, down to JBL and up to Bushnell Falls (overnight) over Haystack, up Tabletop then down, and TR then out via the Loj which required a lift back to Cascade/Porter parking. I had my 46 and was helping a friend finish. He would finish the following day on NYE which now has increasing views due to the decaying blowdown from 2007.

    Ok. Back to TR. Theodore Roosevelt Mountain. So does a path/route exist? A well cut herd path, though not super evident initially, exists from the first col descending towards the Loj after Indian Falls. Check a topo map and you will spot it. A hundred yards or so beyond this col to the left of the trail (again heading towards the Loj) you will find the path entrance(s). The path appears to have been well cut maybe 5-10 years ago and is relatively easy to follow and much more of an off-trail route than the so-call trail-less 46ers. It looks like the park attempted to block the view of the entrance, but if you follow the instructions you will find the path.

    The length of the path is about 0.3 each way and gains maybe 250' feet or so along the way. Only .05 miles in the path is very evident and straightforward. You proceed upward through several ledges. Click image for larger version. 

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    Following trees with old sawed off branch stubs (noticing them is the easiest way to maintain the correct route) you meander upwards until reaching an area of older blowdown. Along our way we cleaned up the path a bit but this area needs a little focus going through.Click image for larger version. 

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    Fortunately it is only maybe 200 feet tops in length. TR's summit is a flat areaClick image for larger version. 

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    with a dead spruce in the center of a small clearing. I am guessing at one time or another there was a marker in the tree. It looked like the tree had been climbed for views but then died. There are no views from the actual summit. There is, however maybe two hundred yards back the path an opening that you can get a nice peek of a unique view of Mt. Marcy from. Click image for larger version. 

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    It would have been worth looking around for better viewpoints if I had the time, but I was able to get a nice pic. TR is just enough of a climb and distance to feel like you accomplished something without feeling to easy or being an endeavor. It is best done as an add-on to another hike.

    Overall it's worth doing and is a nice side adventure to a less visited place.
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