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Thread: Mt Bond this weekend (Rain Vs East Branch Pemi)?

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    Mt Bond this weekend (Rain Vs East Branch Pemi)?

    The forecast is for a bit over an inch of rain on Friday. Do you think this could make the East Branch swell enough to make the Lincoln Woods Trail dangerous this weekend? Are ice dams common? Will I be swept to the ocean if I trip?

    Perhaps the snow will soak up all the rain, and freeze solid.

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    I seriously doubt the East Branch will be an issue. It definitely should be roaring. There is that one spot where the banking is already undermining but worse case just head up slope and skip past it.

    I expect with that amount of rain forecast the brook crossings on the Black Brook will be interesting.

    I know what my call would be which is shorter hike but ultimately its your call.

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    I am thinking the enormous temperature swing is going to make for some interesting and sketchy conditions this weekend.
    I'm doing a shorter climb on Saturday. Seems like the high elevations will see snow Saturday after Friday's rain.

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