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  • because i'm going for the title of "least likely to give out any helpful information" on VFTT.. and i get greens for them.. ;)
    Thanks for the greenie! Though I can't take any credit. Both my kids are extremely vocal and they don't have any problem telling me exactly what they do and do not want to do, lol.
    Genuflect ! I always get that and expectorate mixed up, as did many peasants when nobility passed.
    I was going to tease you about your signature quote "We are men of action. Lies do not become us.", knowing what movie it came from, but then realized mine "Your life is an Occasion. Rise to it." is from a HORRIBLE movie (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium). At least yours was a good movie. I must have been ill to actually sit through Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium...kept thinking it would get better...oh well.
    hey thanks for the green. That was an old post. I like to use a Zappa quote here and there as bait.
    Ewwwww...! Even with that to (ahem) look forward to, yes, I'll be there. Am bringing my kids (13 and 10) up to do Street and Nye, their #3 and #4 High Peaks. Heading up sometime during the day on Friday. Chip has been waffling on going to the BBQ -- do you know what his "final answer" is?
    Will Zippy and I be meeting you this weekend in the Daks? Hope to finally meet you face to face (Zippy mentioned something about tongue to cheek.)
    well, i'm recovering from a bad ankle injury. prior tho, i had a sweet day out on cathedral ledge in april. killed my ankle on may 13th and have been out of comission since. sucked! although i'm healing alright and planning on climbing pinnacle buttress in huntington at the end of this month. can't wait.
    "Hey" back at ya! Get any good rock in this summer? (I've not been out yet, since I was trying to avoid any potential injury-producing activities before my Rainier trip last month.) Now that I'm back, I've got no free time! :rolleyes:
    3 hour/7.4 mile hike in Huntington Park with my Presi Traverse pack (~45lbs). You must have a lot o' crap to pack if you're starting this early! :eek:
    Hey, Happy B-Day, Dude ! You're catching up to me ! What's on the gift list ?
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