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  • Joe,

    Thanks for the trail info. You're right about the snowmelt making for miserable hiking this time of year; pat yourself on the back for having saved me several $100 in gas/hotel just to be disappointed.
    Haystack deserves caution and respect. Once you commit, there is no place to hide. I do not often turn back on peaks, but did with a friend on Haystack on Dec. 21. The wind was just too strong to even move on Little Haystack (which can be worse that Haystack). We hung on with little progress for about 20 minutes, then just looked at each other (couldn't talk) and turned back. It was an easy decision.

    You just have to watch the weather carefully, then hope when you get there it is OK. Good luck on your next try!
    Actually I am not officially working on winter 46, but a friend from PA is, so he stays at my house and I tag along on his hikes (safety in numbers.) Haystack is the one I find daunting. Made it over the top and halfway down Little Haystack this year, then chickened out. But I just like being out there. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime.
    Thanks for the contact! I thought that mentioning our passing in that post might indicate to someone who we were. I enjoy being out and challenging myself (I track times, ascents, and distances, probably too much but for me that is part of the fun). I see you climbed Allen. Doubtless, you are on your way to 46W. Keep it up!
    Enjoyed your post on ADK Forums. I was the senoir member of the three ladies you met on Nippletop. I wish I had known at the time that I was in the company of a well-known and well-published ADK mountainman. Thanks for tracking the rest of the route. It was obvious you were totally comfortable and competent. We liked your safety route in several places, and followed your steps every inch, and had no mishaps.
    Thanks, Sabrina. It was my second trip to the Whites, so I'm still looking around. Doing the Tripyramids and Whitef/Passa separately didn't seem to be enough, so I put them together. The Sleeper Ridge was really interesting and obviously not visited very much (except by moose).

    Sorry, but I drove back home to Keene, NY, after my hike! I need to starting planning another visit 'over there'.

    NICE little hike in the Sandwich Range!!! Maybe we will cross paths if you are still up here. I will be doing a Kilkenny Ridge Traverse one day this long weekend, a Southern Presis Traverse, and a quick jaunt up Mt Nancy.
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