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  • Got reservations for bsp 10/11 lean-to #3 Russel pond and for 10/12 for Davis pond. It's going to be quick I'm thinking leaving 6:30 am and arriving gate about 2:00. Takes about 3 hours to hike to Russel pond. Next day either a quick hike to Wass. lake and then to Davis pond, or straight to Davis pond and then that will leave plenty of time to climb to the table land and bag Hamlin peak.
    10/13 we hike up and either over hamlin peak or knife edge.
    I must be home wednesday because thursday I start drive to Atlanta to see my daughter.
    I know this is a quick trip but for me better than nothing, but at no time will I rush (I will not speed as I do not at any time wish to attract the attention of the gestapo ).
    grog ( aka Phil )
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