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  • Ah, nevermind, I must have mixed up trip reports. For some reason I thought I'd read that you camped up past the ledges, now I realize exactly where you were.
    Great. I know of Full Goose, Carlo Col, and the one down low where the two branches of the Wright Trail fork, I didn't realize there were others.
    I wouldn't advertise your Goose Eye trip too widely; the Mahoosucs are a protected area and camping is prohibited except at designated sites.
    will do. you should stop by the burren tonight (see beer night thread) and meet folks. bring your wife too. I'll be there around 9:15 or so. and I hear you about life getting in the way of other pursuits!
    pretty pathetic : )
    but I clicked on something else afterwards that seemed to be you filming your friend- he got a good run in.
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