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  • Sorry for the misunderstanding. Wish I could remove bad point. IMHO, Doug likes to seed fear uncertainty and doubt about Magellen products over the years without citing any data and speaking off the cuff. I keep finding data on the internet that confirms the problem you are having (I have put the links up in old posts). But I also wanted to warn other people that the newest Garmins have the same problem as your older model. I feel strongly about it because I was very dissapointed after parting with 400 dollars
    No, Remix, I think you misunderstood me. If you are referring to my "ask the right person" comment, I was just digging Doug back for his "ask the right question" dig. I respect your (and Doug's) inputs.
    Truly sorry if I offended you in any way, not at all my intention or style.
    Happy trails (or paddling),
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