6-28-09 Nancy via Nancy Pond Trl,unofficial trail


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Sunday 6-28-09, we took the standard Nancy Pond Trail to the unofficial trail by the Norcross Dam to Mt Nancy. Sorry in advance for the long post.

Water crossings below the cascade were not difficult, simple rock hop. Below the cascade the trails were a little muddy as one would expect but we didn't encounter any really nasty areas. Above the cascade where the ground begins to level out was a whole different beast! As NewHampshire recently described in a TR, the trail is pretty wet up by the ponds after all this rain. A good number of planks are rotted and a few submerged en route to Nancy Pond. There's one little tricky spot I believe on the 302 side of Nancy Pond where one has to make a good leap to avoid knee deep water due to a collapsed plank.

Nancy Pond to Norcross Pond was muddy and the planks were super slick, we really slowed down after a few falls on the planks. That's where the bugs really came out. For most of the length of Norcross the pond essentially extends onto and past the trail. If you lose the trail, fear not for it goes into the pond! The worst section is about 1/5 of the way along Norcross where the trail juts into the pond and the planks are submerged or floating in knee deep water (or deeper). Along the rougher sections some herdpaths briefly head uphill to bypass the bogs. The unofficial herdpath was comparatively easier despite the steep slopes. Took the left fork by the campsite, passing the sign about the trail being unofficial. At the top of the slide we lost the trail but quickly found it (takes nearly 90 degree right hand turn at top and runs along the contour line, email for gps track). Path in good shape, even in heavy rain. Unfortunately no vftt.

If the wet weather continues I'd suggest either gaiters (wish I had brought mine) or tevas for the boggy areas.

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