Adirondack Winter Gathering 8

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Apr 26, 2004
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Official ADK winter gathering 8 post. Save the date.
  • February 17,18 and 19. Friday night to Sunday at the Ark Trail Inn.

    Note that Monday is a holiday so you might want to plan for an extra night.
  • Where? Ark Trail Inn, Keene, NY
  • Who? Anyone who wants to come.
  • How? People start to roll in on Friday night for some chit-chat, turn in early and do a hike on Saturday. By Saturday afternoon around 4:00 people, bearing large quantities of excellent hiker-friendly food, start showing up in the Ark's salon/dining room and they keep on showing up all evening long.
  • Food? Pot luck (there will be a thread organizing the food).
  • Additional Lodging: (To name a few) Randomscoots Cabin, Jackrabbit Hostel, Brookside Inn, Keene Valley Hostel. The Ark Trail Inn has a limited number of rooms but last I heard there were a couple left.

Considering that most people are working on some kind of list (46, 46-W, 46-4 seasons, 46-12 month grid) this will be our 4th attempt at getting someone on top of each of the 46 on a single winter's day. We have yet to be successful at this, but we have a lot of fun trying! This year, in order to increase our odds of summitting all 46 peaks the "peaks 'n' people" organizers will be working to avoid large groups on a single peak if other summits are not covered.

Basic thread:

Peakbagging thread:

Hope to see lots of VFTTers there for a great time, great people, great food and lots of winter hiking!
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