An iPhone app equivalent to Google Tracks for the Droid

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Jan 31, 2008
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Hey all -

I recently "upgraded" my communications to an iPhone. The only loss I'm feeling at the moment is my Google Tracks App.. That thing was killer. Just wanted to see if any Apple users know of a good tracking app.

Here's what Google Tracks can do:

While recording tracks, you can:
1.See location / progress on a map
2.Monitor real-time statistics: time, distance, speed, elevation
3.View elevation profile by time or distance
4.Zoom, pan elevation profile
5.Create waypoints
6.Create statistics waypoints (splits tracks into subtracks)

I know I'll be losing the feature of being able to upload the map and track on Google Maps...(doh) But talking to Siri will make up for it.

I have an app called Trails. I think it does all those things you have mentioned. I often use it when on short hikes and when exploring local state parks...