Blackhead, Northdome & Thomas Cole

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John Graham

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Dec 30, 2003
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Mount Kisco, NY
On Sunday, the 15th, two of us and a dog did an in and out from the end of Maplecrest Road. The last 50 yards to the parking area were unplowed and quite icy. Well packed trails meant that we wore microspikes & stablizers all day, and carried our snowshoes. Temperatures were cool, despite the bright sun, so only at the end of the day was the snow getting mushy. We saw about 12 other hikers, and only one was wearing snowshoes, MSR Denalis. There was flow ice on the lower parts of the trail, but the upper sections were not bad, though our dog had trouble on one of the ledges going up Blackdome. The hard snow and ice were tough on our creaky knees on the descent. Snowshoes would still be needed off trail at higher elevations.
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