CT Lakes Headwaters permit


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I saw another article that the new owner had planned a large wind farm. Not long after the Granite Reliable Wind project had been built, there was a larger windfarm north of RT 26 proposed and entered into the ISO New England queue for interconnection. It was there for a year or two but at some point was removed as the Coos power grid did not have enough capacity to handle the power. Eversource claimed at the time that the only way the grid would be upgraded was if the wind developer paid for the upgrade. It came up a few years later when the grid upgrade was attached to the Northern Pass project as a way to encourage its approval. One Eversource gave up on Northern Pass and management changed, they have been upgrading the Coos Grid capacity and I expect that a additional wind farm may be able to be supported.

Wind Turbines reportedly specifically excluded in the Headwaters tract but Bayroot owns a lot of land outside the tract and would not be under the same restrictions.
I seem to remember a number of years ago (around 2010) there were wind gauging stations somewhere around Rice/Cave and another around Blue/Crystal. This was around the same time they had the one on Kelsey (the latter being S. of 26 and now part of Granite Reliable).

It'd be a shame if that ever expands as the Corser Brook area is a gem. Have always been jealous of the scattered camp owners there. 😊
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