Did anyone go kayaking in Mexico


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Dec 5, 2023
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Santa Clara, California
I will be visiting Mexico for some business related work on next January. I will be having off some time there. I was wondering if anyone from here been there before or not. More specifically, did anyone go for kayaking? Yes, I did research for some Whitewater kayaking in Mexico, also looked in Tripadvisor for any information. Still, any suggestion is really appreciated.
Hi, well, hard to say what to add since I’m not sure what you have planned so far, but I will mention that I did an amazing guided week-long trip a few years ago that circled Espiritu Santu island over several days, plus snorkeling with sea lion pups and also with whale sharks. It was a truly amazing trip with great views and really nice places to paddle.

Here’s the trip I did, and the guide group I used: Espiritu Santo Island (7 days) - Sea & Adventures/Mar Y Aventuras