Harriman State Park Winter Parking


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May 13, 2013
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Technically a NY forum question probably but that group is fairly inactive, most members who follow that area are active in New England as well, and most people on here know that area anyway so I just posted here. Moderators feel free to move/duplicate if you think that is best.

I've been researching various hikes from a post I made in May about Harriman State Park. I downloaded the Hiker Parking PDF from their website and noticed way at the bottom that many of the roads close roughly from Dec 1 to Apr 1 (weather dependent). I had a few questions on that from anyone who may have hiked there in the off season:

1) Parking Area #9 On Map (Elk Pen Parking Area on Arden Valley Road). Arden Valley Road is listed as one of the roads that closes for Winter. Lot #9 is less than 1/2 mile from Route 17 so I'm wondering where exactly the road gets closed from. Is this lot still accessible before a gate or whatever? And if it is closed right at Rte 17 is it allowed/is there room to park off Rte 17 and walk in? It is only about 0.4 miles to the Elk Pen Lot.

2) Seven Lakes Drive is not listed as a closed road but several roads that intersect it are, and that appears to be the most efficient way to get onto Seven Lakes Drive. Are the parking areas on Seven Lakes Drive open/maintained? Are there actual gates they close?

I'm not planning any dead of Winter hikes in the area. Looking at the next 2-4 weeks while things are snow free. I would most likely want to park at Elk Pen just off Rte 17 but I was looking for alternate starting points if that is not an option. It sounds like that would likely still be open. If anybody knows the area in the offseason I'd appreciate any info you have. Thanks in advance.