Eagle Mountain MN 12/26/03


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Mar 11, 2004
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Reading MA
Drove out to Superior WI for Christmas and after my threshold of "quality time" with the relatives I grabbed my snowshoes and headed out for a beautiful 2 hour drive up the coast of lake Superior. The final 20 miles of road to the trail head were snowpacked gravel roads. I Arrived at the trailhead and filled out the pass form and was on my way. The hike was very easy basically a couple miles of very gentle ups and down past scenic vistas of snow cover lakes. The last mile was up the " mountain ". The views were occasionally there but this is a wooded peak. A couple times I thought I was at the top, but I was'nt. Finally at the top, I had trouble finding the plaque due to the snow ( about 8 inches ) I found the stone and tried to clean off the plaque for a photo. With a little help of warm bodily fluids to clean off the ice (Don't eat off it!) I snapped a pic and way on my way. Beware of the large lake at the bottom of the mountain. You may be tempted to cross it to save time. The ice appeared safe but a couple hundred yards out it was NOT. I found a dead? turtle on the ice. I did'nt see anyone else until about 1 mile left to car. 2 people skiing in and it was getting dark. I wished them luck.

Total trip 7 mi 3.5 hours

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