Finally - Great crust

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I normally roam the woods of Randolph in the winter once a good solid crust has developed. It really had not formed until recently but yesterday after a warm stretch and cold night it was good and solid. My alternative route up to Lookout ledge from Durand road was solid, no need to stick to my snowshoes track. I had my short MSRs on as I like the televators and I find that using the snowshoes works out my ankle more than spikes.. All the small stuff is locked in by the crust and my lot is mostly hardwood so its a matter of pick a route and go for it. Looks like the forecast for the week is more seasonal temps with some snow so hopefully these conditions will hang on for awhile. Ideal bushwack conditions.

No doubt some folks will get in trouble leaving the snowhoes home as I could see that the crust was getting a bit weak near the end of my hike.
Yes! Love these conditions. Thought the same thing yesterday morning and led my family on a bushwack to explore some frozen rapids and a wetland edge on an adjoining parcel. I usually never can get them interested in this particular area. Might be because I keep pointing to the 'trails' I use and wiggle along into tangles that present no clear invitation to them.