Isolation, 1/22/12

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Jun 15, 2008
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Southern NH
A pleasant surprise to find both Rocky Branch and the Engine Hill bushwhack well broken-out, which made for very easy going. Isolation Trail was broken out until we hit a confusing fork shortly before the intersection with the Davis Path. We chose to bear left and quickly came upon a group of six guys who had done all of the trail-breaking and who were quite happy to see us. We took the lead breaking out the Davis Path through maybe 6" of fresh powder. The final climb up the steep spur path was slippery, but doable (and more fun to come down).

A beautiful day with bright blue skies, a very light breeze, and excellent views. The three water crossings were bridged, one requiring a short jump. We wore snowshoes all day and for the time being this is a very well-tracked approach. Thanks to Jeremy and Craig for asking me to tag along.