Killington via Shrewsbury Peak Trail

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Jan 15, 2013
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Vernon, Conn.
Last weekend I went to Vermont. On Friday and Saturday I did some trailwork on the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail with the Conn. Section of the GMC, based at Story Spring Shelter. On Sunday (16 Oct.) I drove north to hike Killington via Shrewsbury Peak Trail. This was my fourth time on Killington, but my first on Shrewsbury Peak.

It was clear and not cold for October. In fact, I way overpacked warm clothing since Mountain Forecast predicted a wind chill temp of 27F for the summit of Killington, and it wasn't nearly that cold.

Shrewsbury Peak Trail first goes over a small hill called Russell Hill, and then up Shrewsbury Peak. This section has over a thousand feet of elevation gain, much of it in the final push to the summit, which is very steep. Shrewsbury Peak itself has excellent views to the east. This part of Vermont was past peak then, but still had quite a bit of color. On the summit I met three other hikers, who had come up Black Swamp Trail. These three were the only other people I'd see on Shrewsbury Peak Trail all day.

After hanging around the summit a bit, I continued on SPT, which goes down and then back up to meet the Long Trail / Appalachian Trail about a mile and a half south of Killington. Once I attained the LT I started to see a number of people. The summit of Killington is at the end of a short but very steep spur trail. I took a long break on that summit, with about eight other people, and then retraced my steps.

After about a half mile on the LT south I didn't see anyone else all day. The descent off of Shrewsbury, going down that very steep section, was a little difficult, but I knew it would be pretty easy after that. I put on my headlamp somewhere around the col between Shrewsbury and Russell hill, and finished as the last light of the dusk was fading.

This was a nice hike, 11.6 miles with a couple thousand feet of elevation gain, two peaks with great views, and not a lot of traffic, even on a leaf peeping weekend. Just going up Shrewsbury Peak and returning would be a nice hike too, if you're looking for something about four miles with good views.

Here are the pictures. This includes the trail work part of the trip.



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