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  • Dr. D,

    I think I have some of your old Appalachias now. I went to the Mt. Wanderer and bought a few. Love the old ones and articles on trails and huts. Cheers,


    Adopter, Piper Trail, Mt. Chocorua
    Remember how much fun our Weeks range hike was? Every time I read someone's TR about whacking Tecumseh to Dickey I think I want to try this route. I'm trying to assemble a group to try this on 4/25. I have one person interested so far. Dennis C who is on VFTT, but doesn't post much. I want at least 2 but 4 would be ideal. We need at least 2 cars in the party so we can carspot. Interested?

    I've just invited Peakbagger.

    Ray Caron (Jazzbo)
    Oh, I'm positive Rejean knows the route. However, bignslow did not; I wrote that message the way I did for his benefit.
    We just missed you Saturday night apparently. Nice event there anyway. How'd the evac go ?
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