Lincoln Woods, Bondcliff, Twinway, Zealand point-to-point

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Mar 5, 2012
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Hiked the Bonds and Zealand thru hike today (16 Nov). Lincoln Woods and the old Wilderness Trail were mostly frozen dirt with an occasional dusting of snow. A few blow downs on the Wilderness Trail were at ankle or knee level but were easy to leap over. Snow accumulation slowly increased going up the Bondcliff Trail, maxing out at 3-4" with some drifting. Water crossings on the Bondcliff Trail were rock-hoppable but some of the muddy patches are not yet frozen. The trail from Bondcliff summit to Bond summit is pretty wind scoured and clear. A snow squall settled in on our traverse from Bondcliff to Zealand, but didn't deposit much more than a dusting.

Once past West Bond, the drifts increased in depth and the trail is pretty drifted in on Guyot summit. The Twinway has seen a bunch of traffic this weekend and was a combination of packed snow, ice, and slippery rocks. No major issues or blow downs, but traction would be helpful. Zealand Trail after A-Z was easy cruising to the parking lot on packed dirty snow and rock.

Zealand Road is starting to get packed snow sections that require some attention. Nothing impassable, but the long hill just before the last parking lot has a few areas that are headed to be icy if the cold snap continues.

Weather: teens and 20's with a light breeze and some snow, clearing to mostly sunny skies

Special gear: We wore trail shoes and short gaiters the whole way, but saw many other people with microspikes. The Twinway is navigable without traction but requires some care and the use of a tree handhold now and again.

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