Netflix has some new mountain movies

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The worst movie ever made.


What on Earth 🤯
I could not watch this at all. This film was an embarrassment and a disgrace to even mediocre hikers.
Her struggling to get through what resembled the highway median somewhere….
I was well aware of this not being filmed on site in NH but they couldn’t find real snow either?
The best part was my looking up the real story online after and wondering who paid someone a lot of money to create this garbage
A good story but a lousy Movie. I think your "Real snow" comment sums it up. "Hokey" is the word I would use. Unfortunately, it seems as if some producers are just out to make a buck and try to over sensationalize content to do so. If you are already a climber and you see stuff like this, it's not hard to see through the hockiness.
In December 2023, Patagonia Films came out with a wonderful half-hour documentary called "Range Rider."

Free, on Youtube.

The movie follows a young gent who is hired, in effect, to be a shepherd, staying between cattle and wolves on public lands. It is stunningly respectful to all sides of an emotional issue of wolf re-introduction on public lands that are rented out for cattle grazing.

Really nice little movie!