No Eclipse Rescues listed on the Fish and Game Website

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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
Either folks listened to F&G to avoid the backcountry or the ones that did go did not need rescuing? Looking at New England Trail Conditions there are multiple trail reports including mine on Eclipse day. Of course if someone wanted to be in the path of totality, the options were kind of slim in the North Country of NH. Magalloway Mtn and Diamond Ledges were a long slog in with the logging roads closed. The northern Monadnock near Colebrook (actually in VT) only has so much room in the fire tower. Sugarloaf in Nash Stream would have been a long walk in for a very small summit that is bound in by summits to the west, north and southwest. I definitely had company on North Percy and about 1/3 of the crowd were underequipped. So, I guess if comes down to luck?
I've only seen one report of someone making the 19-mile round-trip to Magalloway. Better them than me. 😂