North Brother, 2/28/2015

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Mar 5, 2012
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First, a huge thanks to winnie and company for tracking out the Marston Trail last weekend. Their effort is much appreciated and definitely contributed to our success on Saturday.

Parking and road conditions were as described in winnie's report. No plowing/ice issues on the Golden Road and plenty of room in the Abol Bridge lot.

Conditions: We snowshoed to Kidney Pond via the Foss Knowlton, Lost Pond, and connector trails between Daicey and Kidney. All the ponds are frozen and the shortcuts across the ponds are well-tracked. Kidney Pond to the Marston trailhead was the packed snowmobile track that you would expect. The four of us in our group were evidently the first ones on the Marston Trail in a week, so we found some drifted snow, but nothing major until climbing above the pond to get to the saddle between N and S Brother. In spots, the packed trench disappeared, but was easy enough to reestablish. The push from the saddle to the summit was painful, with numerous blowdowns to climb over or crawl under, while continuously pushing through tree branches at waist and head height. It was a beautifully clear day with great views of the Tablelands, the Knife Edge, and everything else as far as the horizon.

Special equipment: Snowshoes or skis for the way in, snowshoes for the hike, microspikes/crampons not needed. Traction would only be useful for the last 200 feet, but that stretch can be done in snowshoes just fine, and having to swap back and forth probably negates any advantage of using spikes.

Note: We found a single Tubbs snowshoe along the trail between Lost Pond and the parking lot. It was there on our way in on Friday, and still there on the way out on Sunday, so we took it to park headquarters in Millinocket. If this is your snowshoe, give BSP headquarters a call.