Presi traverse 8/20/23

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Aug 1, 2023
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Portsmouth nh
We got our Presi traverse on Sunday. The higher summits forecast said crazy winds in the morning decreasing as the day went on.
Once we got above treeline on our first mountain, Madison, the wind was fierce, the rocks were wet, we were crawling. We considered bailing out, but decided to go up and over Madison and let the mountain block some wind. After a rest in the hut we moved on. The winds were still tough on Adams summit but the sun was out, and so were the people, on to Jefferson where we really started to relax and enjoy the day.
On the way to Washington, Jen tripped hard, landing on her knees and nose. A bloody nose is startling but she wanted to continue.
After cleaning up, and a bowl of chili at Washington summit, she felt eager to get to the next summit.
A brief stop at Lakes of the clouds, then we pushed on to Monroe, Eisenhower and Peirce.
We lost a bunch of time fighting wind all morning, and all the trails are wet and messy this summer, so we were way behind schedule but the sun was warm, the views were incredible. Pictures on FB
You had some sporty conditions up there. No doubt the blood sacrifice paved the way for a calmer second half.