Vaccination Required At Baxter???

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May 13, 2013
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I'll be taking my annual trip to Baxter in a few weeks and got my email reminder notification today for it. The second line of it states to "Get vaccinated!". Is that required? It also has all the usual COVID 19 stuff about staying home if you're sick, using hand sanitizer, etc. I went to the Baxter website and did a quick scan and didn't see anything about vaccination. Did Maine update update it's policy on out of state travelers with all the Delta variant stuff circulating around? I did a quick scan of the Maine COVID 19 site too and didn't see anything there either.

So I assume Baxter is just pushing vaccinations like everyone else but I am not literally going to have to provide proof of vaccination to get in. But before I drive 7 hours and get turned away I figured it would be worth asking here because no doubt many of you here have been to the park recently and/or are Maine residents. Let me know if I should be aware of any new developments. Thanks in advance.
I visited the park July 15 - 18. There is no indication that proof of a vaccination is required. I had conversations with 3 different rangers, one at the Togue Pond Gatehouse, one at Neoswadnehunk field campground and one at Roaring Brook trailhead. Our conversations did not include anything about vaccinations and/or masks.
OK. Thanks all. I wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything. I've honestly tuned out to all the latest developments. Everywhere I go for work still requires me to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status or state guidelines.
Was there July 12-19th, as already mentioned no covid related restrictions or policies in the park. FYI, the park headquarters is still closed to the public. Local eateries, such as AT Cafe and River Drivers are on reduced hours due to staffing shortages.
Can't hurt to just keep a copy of your vaccination card in your card to avoid trouble either way.

I agree. Carrying your card is the safest thing to do, although it's not clear from your comments that you are vaccinated. If you're not, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. I was vaccinated in April, and recently tested positive for COVID-19 due to an uptick of the Delta variant. Because of my vaccination, I'm at home and only minimally ill instead of being hospitalized with a much worse case.
Because of my vaccination, I'm at home and only minimally ill instead of being hospitalized with a much worse case.

Thanks for sharing that, and I'm very happy for you! Or as glad as I can be given it's my opinion that had humanity not utterly failed at doing what should have been obvious, there would be no delta variant. Sigh.

But that's not the reason I replied. :) I would suggest carrying a copy of your card since folks only get one, and it's looking to become fairly valuable (heading to Kauaii - I think - in November, and definitely needed now to avoid quarantine). I keep mine with my passport and other important docs. in a file cabinet.
I actually do have a copy that's been laminated, and also the unlaminated original. I heard that copies may not be accepted in some cases.
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