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  • Arm
    It was nice to meet you on teh Gale River Trail for trailwork Saturday.
    See you on the trails!
    Heather & Kali
    Awesome trip. Question - I thought the Klondike was the north side of the Owl, between the massif and the Brothers?
    btw, wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the early/mid-march Goose Eye attempt.
    I ended up having to go for it rather suddenly. Myself, my brother and another guy we hike with, Andy - you met us all last year in VT at the party - anyway, we're all trying to finish our winter NEHH this winter and the choreography is getting to be tricky as we each try to NOT have to help each other get each others 'to-do' list -hehe - so I had an opening last Friday and had to go for it because there are only 3-4 weekends for me to hike and 4 are the Northern Presi's the other 5 are in Vermont. We all have only a couple summits that we all need collectively but the rest are the 'been there, done it' and so we agreed that we each had to go solo for some in order to have any chance to finish together, this year.
    I did take your advice - ok sorta translated differently on the ground - I drove past the TH to what looked to be another road (unplowed) I walked it out to the trail but I think after a couple hundred more yards I came out onto the real logging road you mentioned. My biggest fear was busting up my car on Success Pond Road, and though it is a rough bit of road,I'm pretty sure I came out with all parts still attached!

    have a good rest of your winter.
    Hope to meet up with you again sometime.

    Great to meet you. Always amazes me how many people from the forums I meet in the middle of nowheres. :)
    congrats on your Winter NEHH finish! Hope to cross paths with you again someday.
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