Washington (Great Gulf, Alpine Garden, Lion Head, Tuckerman)


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Jul 20, 2011
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White Mountains
Date of Hike: Saturday, June 21st

Trails: Great Gulf, Nelson Crag, Alipne Garden, Lion Head, Tuckerman Ravine

Trail Conditions: Nelson, Alpine, Lion Head, and Tucks (lower section) all in excellent shape. Great Gulf Trail; all the crossings were rock hop-able. One of the crossings it might be a little hard to distinguish where the trail is on the other side of the brook if you're not familiar with it, from one end it looks like a tributary of the brook coming in diagonally but it's actually where the trail is on the other side. The trail is surprisingly dry other than the two standing water spots, one near the Sphinx Trail Junction and one just past Spaulding Lake. The headwall is lightly marked with yellow blazes and small cairns. The trail runs through the slide form 2011 for a little bit, if heading up the headwall and you think you're not on the trail, it all leads to the same place more or less, just keep heading up the boulders and rocks and you'll pop out above the headwall eventually.

Comments: Pretty awesome hike with Denise, Marc, Julia, and Sean. We had some great views heading up the headwall and the summit clouds cleared on out descent making for a great hike back to the car! Report / Pics

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