Washington (Great Gulf, Wamsutta, Nelson Crag, Tuckerman)


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Jul 20, 2011
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White Mountains
Date of Hike: Saturday, October 28th

Trails: Great Gulf, Wamsutta, Alpine Garden, Nelson Crag, Tuckerman Ravine

Trail Conditions: The Great Gulf Trail (4.5 miles in) is in good condition, the water crossings where rock hopabale but would be tougher with any significant rain. The Wamsutta Trail is steep in spots with very rough footing and expect it to be wet and icy for most days from here on out until a big snow storm. Alpine Garden and Nelson Crag are in great shape, very visible cairns to help lead the way. Tuckerman Ravine was wet and had running water in spots. From here on out expect for the most part 'Shoulder Season' conditions the higher up you go - rime ice, wet conditions, ice, ground cover snow.

Comments: Caught one last warm weather day up above treeline. The Great Gulf is such a cool place, if you want to get away from crowds head in there! Thanks Whitney for another fun day out on the trails :) Report / Pictures

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