Wildcats and Great Gulf Wilderness


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Rhody Seth

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Dec 18, 2015
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Charlestown, RI
Went up the Wildcat Ridge Trail on Saturday, July 30th. Hot and humid but also windy which helped a lot. Wildcat D was #47 for my third round of the NH48. Made my way to Carter Notch Hut for corn bread and snickerdoodle cookies. Took the Nineteen Mile Brook Trail down to Route 16 and considered taking the road back to Pinkham. But ultimately it was too early in the day and I decided to go in the other direction to the Great Gulf Trailhead. I was surprised how much of this trail was runnable. Briefly considered trying to continue up to Madison but there were some dark clouds up there and I decided my legs were way to beat for that. Opted to continue along Great Gulf and then take Madison Gulf and Old Jackson Rd back to Pinkham. Another great day in the mountains.

Nice video as always Seth. (You do realize that some people will now think they can do this loop in 17 minutes!) It brought back memories of a Wildcat traverse in the same direction some 15 years ago. We caught a brief thunderstorm up on the ridge and then got soaked in a downpour on the way down to the hut. I think the sun came out about 5 minutes after we finished at the 19 Mile trailhead. Mother Nature had the last laugh.